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10 Socio-Economic Benefits of Speed Governors that Will Blow Your Mind

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The role of speed governor in enhancing road safety cannot be underestimated. Speed governors have become the central safety gadget for speed management in low, middle and high income countries all over the world. Notwithstanding, speed governors go beyond proving safety needs to vehicles, drivers and passengers.

Speed governors are special speed management technologies used to pre-set a cars speed limit and range to the required level so that they will not exceed legally accepted speed bounds. When a vehicle is driving with excess speed, the speed level is considered inappropriate and can lead to road accidents when the inevitable happens.

To control and avoid road accidents, it is therefore important to install speed governors. Speed governors works with the engine system to control speeding and avoid fatal accidents. But they go beyond just preventing road accidents.

The socio-economic benefits of speed governors in enhancing road safety have been enormous. Many drivers who have installed quality speed governors in their car have experienced the socio-economic befits of speed governors.

The following some of the socio-economic benefits of speed governors that will blow your mind.

  1. Speed governors lower speed consumption of vehicles.
  2. Speed governors cut down vehicle maintenance cost and slow down the depreciation of vehicle.
  3. Speed governs controls vehicle speed, reduces road accidents and maintains wealth.
  4. Speed governors help make drivers more responsible in their conducts.
  5. Speed governors reduce the fleet management cost incurred by fleet managers.
  6. Speed governors eliminate costs incurred through road accidents and injuries.
  7. Speed governors assist to preserve the young virile members of the society from deaths and maiming associated with speed induced crashes
  8. Speed governors prevent vehicles loss, damage to roads and road infrastructure, house, goods etc.
  9. Speed governors lowers insurance premium as consequence of fewer crashes.
  10. Speed governors engender good monitoring mechanism for vehicle owners’/fleet operators.

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