3 Crucial Instances To Use Parking Brakes

3 Crucial Instances To Use Parking Brakes

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If you want to improve the safety of your car, you need to know when to use its parking brakes. It’s a challenge that faces new and inexperienced drivers. Apart from improving the efficiency of the car, it can also lengthen its engine life.
You need to understand, however, that your parking brakes are different from your standard brakes in that they act as a good alternative when your primary brakes fail to function.

How to use a parking brake

Would you want your car to skid off the hill and be a danger to other vehicles? Here then is how to use your parking brake properly: To lock the wheels of your vehicle in place, your emergency brakes bypass the vehicle’s hydraulic system. The system uses cables connected to the emergency brake lever.

If your car has disc brakes, a mechanism makes the pistons grasp the brake pads, and hence stopping the vehicle.
Here are instances to use your car parking brakes:
Most automatic vehicle owners have the notion that they are only supposed to apply parking brakes when the vehicle is on a hill.
However, whichever the kind of car you have, you need to learn to apply your parking brake most of the time.

• When it’s in an emergency

From its name, you mainly use them for that reason. We all find ourselves in situations that will require us to stop abruptly for our safety. Yes, the car has power brakes, but these act as a perfect backup to them.
Since it’s a simple hydraulic system, it can sometimes fail to work due to instances like rust when you fail to use the brakes for a long time: This can be a tussle when you require an emergency stop.

• When repairing something on your car

Sometimes you might need to stop to check something such as the level of oil in the oil gauge, check the tire pressure and so on. If repairs are required, don’t forget to engage this year.
The parking brake locks the rear wheels of your car. However, you won’t be able to use the rear wheels if you apply these brakes. Hence, you need to choke them.

• In a standard shift

In conventional transmission vehicles, it’s a common thing for you to engage the parking brake when you stop the car. However, some drivers don’t apply the gear when on even ground, you need to get into the habit of doing this.
Whether the vehicle is facing uphill or downhill, you need to learn to use this year, for the safety of your car.

Nevertheless, the car can still skid downhill when the ground is slippery even after applying the parking brake. Apply it, however.

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