3 Types of Electric Fences To Buy In kenya

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Do you want an electrical fence to secure your property or animals?

Then you need to know how to select the best one according to your needs. If you choose the best one and have a professional to install it for you, you’re better off.

Some people make a mistake of not taking time to understand critically what features they need to look for in an electrical fence.

Types of electrical fences in Kenya:

Wireless fence: This one has a transmitter that sends out a signal. The animal must have a receiver collar for such kind of fence to work. The transmitter in the fence and the receiver in the animal color create a circular boundary.

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Wireless Electric Fence

Above the ground fence: When buying an electric fence in Kenya, consider this. It’s the most common type of electrical fences. It consists of posts and wires connected. If you touch the cables, you’ll get electrocuted.

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Above the Groud fence

Underground fence: This type of fence is buried underground just like the name. The fence forms a small perimeter when you hide them in a small trench. For the fence to work, something that you are protecting such as an animal must have a receiver.

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Underground Fence

Once you know the type of electric fence you can go for, you can select the fence that suits you.

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