Components of Security Car Alarm Systems

The 4 Components of Security Car Alarm Systems

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The aggressive nature of car thefts these days is really phenomenal. They are just doing all they can to either steal a component of your car or the car itself. This is the reason why you have to arm your car with security car alarm systems that helps you to detect intruders around your car.

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to be saving money on getting these systems installed in your car. Basically, most cars come with in-built car alarms called “OEM.” These in-built car alarms performs a limited function to protect your car and its belonging.

You can however install “aftermarket car alarms” into your car systems to provide additional security support to your vehicle. Aftermarket security car alarm come with additional features and helps protect your car and its belongings.

Here are the four components of security car alarm systems (mostly aftermarket car alarms):

  1. Control Unit
  2. Siren
  3. Remote
  4. Tilt/Shock Sensor

The Control Unit

The control unit serves as the brain of the car alarm system.

It receives sensors and sends commands to the siren to blow the horn when an intruder invades your car. All other features of the car alarm system are connected to the control unit so that it can monitor and govern the operation of the alarm system. The power source of the car alarm system usually stems from the ignition or internal battery—depending on the type you are using.


The job of the siren is to alert the vehicle owner of any intruder. Basically, car alarm systems works by deterring or discouraging intruders from carrying out their vicious attempt of stealing your car or any component of the car. So the blowing of the siren keeps and scares them off!


The remote serves as the external control unit of the security car alarm system. Through the remote, you can lock, unlock or send command to your vehicle. Most digital car alarm systems begin to bling off with lights to alert you when someone intrudes your car.

The Tilt/Shock Sensor

The tilt/shock sensor enables you to detect impacts on the car. The shock sensor tracks and detects impacts on the car while the tilt sensor tracks and detects impacts on the car when it is being towed or jerked. This blows and triggers the siren to enable you to detect a possible intruder.

The four components of security car alarm systems work hand in hand to ensure your vehicle is protected. You can also go ahead to tighten your vehicle security system by installing a GPS vehicle tracking system on your car to track movements of your car!

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