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4 Easy Steps to Charge Your GPS Tracking Device Battery

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GPS tracking devices have become very important in corporations, companies, small businesses, fleet management companies, car rental firms and commercial vehicles. The rampant issues of car and vehicle theft has even made it mandatory for many organizations to get their own GPS tracking device in Kenya. GPS tracking device helps to protect vehicles from intruders, monitor and control its usage.

A critical component of the GPS tracking device is the battery.  The GPS tracking battery needs to be always powered in order to function and power the entire GPS tracking unit. This is the reason you have to take good care of your GPS tracking battery. You need to always charge the battery before using it.

It should take you a minimum of two hours of less to have the GPS tracking system full charged. High charging time means you aren’t using the right charger for the Eureka Live Charging. It could also be that there was a little discrepancies from your third-party providers.

So you want to charge your GPS tracking device battery but you don’t know how to go about it. Well, below is a simple method to recharge your battery.

  • Attach the A/C adapter head to the A/C adapter.
  • Connect the USB cable to the A/C adapter.
  • Attach the charging clamp to the device by carefully aligning the 4 golden charging pins.
  • The LED on the Tractive GPS Tracker will turn red while the device is charging.
  • Once the device is fully charged, the red light will disappear (approximate charging time = 2 hours).

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