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4 Factors that Affects Your GPS Tracking Device Battery Life

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If you own a GPS tracking device in Kenya, a critical component of the GPS tracking unit is the battery. You must always take care of the battery and ensure that you maintain the battery. While there are several factors that affects the battery life, a quality GPS tracking device in Kenya should take at least two to five years to require any form of renewal.

Notwithstanding, you have to always ensure that you recharge the battery so that it can enable the GPS tracking system to function effectively. To check the status of the remaining battery life, you should check your GPS App device. The GPS App device should be able to enable you to ascertain the remaining life and power of the battery.

In some cases, a notification can be sent to your phone, informing you about the status of the battery.  If the battery status is very low, the LED on the device will start blinking red. If you see that the LED on the device is giving you red blinking, consider charging the battery and then turning on the tracking system.

This will ensure that the battery is fully charges before proceeding. Ideally, most GPS tracking device in Kenya often takes two hours or more to fully charge.

Some can last as long a week before the battery runs down. But whatever happens, you should always monitor your GPS tracking battery so that you can be able to tell when you need to charge it. There several factors that affects a GPS tracking device. Some of these factors entails the following:

  • Cellular coverage
  • GPS availability
  • Temperature
  • Use of LIVE Tracking mode (LIVE Tracking mode drains the battery more quickly than default tracking mode.)

The key is to always monitor your battery and take precautions before the inevitable happens.

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