4 Things to Consider When Looking to Buy a Speed Governor

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Speed governors help reduce road accidents in our country. They are responsible for reduction in speed of a car whenever a car speeds too much, thus saving lives.

Most people want to buy a speed governor to manage the speed of their cars, but they don’t have a lot of information about speed governors.

This article will list the different types of speed governors available in the market, and what to consider when you want to buy a speed governor.

Types of speed governors

There are two main types of speed governors: Centrifugal and Watt speed governors. To know the difference between these speed governors, read below.

  1. Centrifugal governors

These governors use centrifugal force to balance the rotating balls. The centrifugal force on the balls decreases with a decrease in the speed of the governor.

There is a valve, which is connected to the governor mechanism and receives action from the movement of the balls. The valve controls how much energy is transferred to the engine and hence the speed of the car. You have to consider this when you want to buy a speed governor.

  1. Watt governor

They are the oldest types of speed governors. James Watt, (The man who invented steam engine), first used them.

He used it to control the speed of the steam engine. This speed governor uses a shaft and the spindle to work.

When buying a speed governor, there are things you ought to consider to ensure whatever you buy, is worth the investment.

What to look for when buying a speed governor

There are few essential qualities that we must not overlook when deciding to have a speed governor installed in our cars. Here they are:

They should be easy to install

A quality speed governor should be easy to install. Because speed governors can be removed and replaced, they should be installed easily.

Some speed governors are hard to install, making it hard for the mechanic or even the driver to replace them.

Less maintenance required

A quality speed governor does not need a lot of maintenance, it should be easy to maintain. Hence, when wanting to buy a speed governor, look for one that will not require a lot of maintenance and is durable.

You will not only safe maintenance cost but also time you spend on maintaining the speed governor.

They should be from a certified trusted brand

You must not buy a speed governor from unknown dealers, buy them from companies that have been certified and trusted by the government as reliable.

Some of these companies have been in the road safety and security niche for a long time. One of these companies is Eureka technical services limited.

It should employ innovative technology.

Quality speed governors should be modern and meet the modern trends in the transport industry. They should be easy to manage and installed into the car.  


If you want to buy a speed governor, go for quality speed governors. There are speed governors that are not even worth the investment.

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