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4 Ways to Stay Within the Speed Limit

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We now know what speeding and over speeding is. Let’s do a quick recap. Engines over speed when they function beyond their limits, where as speeding; occurs when a driver drives beyond the speed limit as permitted by law.

Speeding has consequences and can lead to a lot of negative effects and implications when not controlled.

So, as a driver how do you avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law, how do you stay within the speed limit when you are driving? Here are some few tips to help you stay within the speed limit.

  1. Alright, so here is the number one tip for you. If you are driving on a road, know the speed limit that is allowed on that road. If you are new to the road or in a new neighborhood, you might want to look out for road signs and posts.


  1. Another way to stay within the speed limit is to take a look at your speedometer at regular intervals as you drive. You might be so focused on the wheel, but a regular glance will help keep you in check and adjust accordingly especially when you leaving high speeds roads.


  1. We all have our speed triggers, that are things that are likely to make us speed unintentionally and without knowing we are speeding. It could be anger, over excitement, depression, lack of concentration or even music. Getting to know your own speed triggers will help a lot for you to stay within the speed limit. It also helps create the right and convenient environment when you are driving.


  1. One can also stay within the speed limit by the use of speed limiters. These are normally a mode in cruise control systems in vehicles. This is how it works; you set a speed limit before you drive off, and no matter how hard you press on the accelerator you won’t exceed the speed limit.

So, there you have it. We hope these tips helps you a lot. Enjoy your ride and drive safe.

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