5 Dangers of Overloading Your Car

5 Dangers of Overloading Your Car

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Overloading your car is illegal. When you overload your car, you take uncalculated risks which may plunge the car into accidents and fatal havoc. Overloading causes seriously imbalance to the car which may affects the driving, state of the car and eventually increase vehicle maintenance costs.

It is rather unfortunate that drivers don’t take heed to preventive vehicle maintenance. Preventive vehicle maintenance which includes avoiding overloading will go a long way to ensure the health of the car. On the contrary, overloading your car will expose it to many dangers.

  1. Unstable Car

Every car has the required gross, net and passenger weight. If the car has been overloaded beyond the required weight limits, it causes imbalance to the car. This makes steering the car and stooping very difficult, which could lead to road accidents.

  1. Car Acceleration Is Affected

When a car overloads it poses threats to acceleration. Overtaking on the wrong can be very dangerous as it may causes a vehicle imbalance affecting the acceleration system of the car.

  1. Vehicle Brake Failure

Overloading your car can seriously affect the brake system of your car. When you overload the car, it affects the rate at which the brake pads and shoes press against the rotary wheel disk to stop the car. If the overload continuous it may potentially lead to the damage of the rotary wheel disk which can lead to serious and fatal accidents.

  1. Tyre Wear & Tear

Overloading the car can affect the tyre of your car. The tyres of a car are likely to wear and tear very fast as the car struggles to move along the road. This can go a long way to affect the fleet management costs and maintenance of the car.

  1. Increase in the Risk of Road Accident

Overloading your car will increase the risk of road accidents. Accidents are prone to happen to cars that are constantly heavily loaded with the driver struggling to drive the car and the car struggling to move along as a result of gross car imbalance.

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