Reckless Speeding

5 Dangers of Reckless Speeding

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Despite the constant warning, campaigns and noises that are made every day about the fact that over reckless speeding is the number one cause of road accidents, many drivers don’t batch. They simply drive beyond the required limit!

Reckless speeding is the criminal act of driving beyond and above the required speed limit stated by the laws of your country. Many countries have almost the same speed limit regulation which is basically: driving at a speed of 20 miles per hour (mph) or more in excess of the applicable speed limit or in excess of 80 miles per hour regardless of the applicable speed limit.

Well, here are the dangers of reckless speeding.

  1. You risk being arrested by the police.

Reckless speeding is a criminal offence. So if you drive beyond the legally accepted speed limit; remember you’re just exposing yourself to the law and you may risk being arrested, handcuffed and driven to the police station.

  1. You risk being in jail and banning your driving license.

You can’t imagine how reckless driving can cost you. You may be having fun driving at a top speed. But the button line is that when you are being arrested, you are likely to experience the full rigors of the law. And that includes jails, fines, banning of your driving license and many more.

  1. You risk being caught in a road accident.

Not only that reckless speeding puts you at the risk of police officers, it exposes you to road accidents. When you drive at a top speed beyond the required limit, you risk yourself being unable to control the vehicle in making sharp stakes to overcome mishaps on the road.

  1. You risk causing harm to innocent lives on the road.

It’s amazing how many people lose their lives to reckless and foolish driving conducts of drivers. Many pedestrians have lost their lives as a result of reckless speeding of many drivers. It was not their fault though, but they have seen sudden death!

  1. You rick losing your own life

The most important part of all is that you may risk losing your own life. Not only pedestrians and other road users are at stake, but also your own lives. Many drivers have died as a result of reckless driving and speeding.

To prevent the issue of being tempted to drive reckless, it’s prudent to set up systems in your car that prevents over speeding. This is why speed limiters or governors come in. Speed limiters help control your speed limit so that you can avoid recklessly speeding on the road.

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