5 keys to avoid road traffic accidents

5 Keys to Avoid Road Traffic Accidents

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The road is used by everyone regardless of one’s educational background, sex, religion. It is the prayer of every road user to reach his/her destination safely. But most at times some do not reach their destination safely due to accidents. This is often because they do not know or do not apply the 5 keys to avoid road traffic accidents.

The road being a public facility and like other facilities, users are required to act responsibly and exercise utmost discipline. This will ensure the preservation of the facility, reduction in road rage, less quarrel and therefore foster a better relationship amongst users, particularly motorists.

Road traffic accidents are something that needs to be avoided at all cost. The following are the 5 keys to avoid road traffic accidents.

Knowing Basic Techniques and Rules Of The Road

This is the first of the 5 keys to avoid road traffic accidents. It is a basic and necessary routine to follow when you are about to move, slow down, stop, change the course or direction of a motor vehicle is mirror, signal, and manoeuvre.  The routine is abbreviated as MSM.

Why the MSM?

Look into the mirror regularly so that you can make safe decisions.

M: Mirrors

There are interior as well as exterior mirrors on the vehicle. It enables you to obtain a view of the road behind. It informs you of changes in traffic situation. It enables you to observe the position, distance and likely speed of the vehicle approaching from behind.

The mirror is used when, moving from a parked position into the road, when reversing, before you start to overtake another vehicle, before parking

S: Signal

Signaling is the language of the road. It is the means by which road users, motorists, motorcyclists, pedal cyclists tell each other what they are about to do. Audible leg horn or siren and visible (e.g. brake lights, arm signal) are the types of signals. The horn is used to announce your presence under the following conditions and circumstances.

When about to overtake, at blind corners where one cannot see and by seen by an approaching vehicle. State protocol, police, fire service use the sirens.

M: Maneuverings

A maneuver enables you to change the direction of the vehicle. It also enables you to turn, overtake or park. A maneuver includes the following position such as speed and look.

5 keys to avoid road traffic accidents

Observing the Road Carefully

Observing the road is a key to avoid accident. The road system gives road users a lot of information. Motorists come across bends, hills, road signs, road markings and pedestrian crossings among other situations. One must observe the road in order to:

  • See the changing nature of traffic on the road.
  • Identify the changes in the road system and the environment.
  • Make sure that you are not taken by surprise.
  • To avoid any surprises from other road users.

In observing the road factors such as vision, alertness and fitness, previous knowledge on how road users behave on the road, observation and the environment can assist you.

Paying Attention to Road Manners

The safety on the road depends very much on the mutual respect users, especially drivers accord each other. If people behave selfishly, misbehave towards each other, accidents, injuries and damage to property will occur. When we talk about road manners, we mean the proper way in which road users should behave towards each other.

Good road manners ensure;

  • Orderly flow of traffic on road
  • Prevention of injury
  • Prevention of death on the road
  • Prevention of property damage.

Bad road manners are about;

  • Double parking
  • Wrong signal
  • Late signal
  • Unnecessary blowing of horn.

5 keys to avoid road traffic accidents

Turning & Parking at the Right Place

In the course of using the road, a time will arise when a driver will need to make a turn. Signal at least 30 metres (10 feet) before the turn. Reduce your speed; look out for traffic on all sides. Cancel the signal when the turning is completed. Look out for pedestrians and the two-wheelers (mopeds, motor and pedal cyclists) for they are difficult to see.

Where to park is very important! It may happen that, while using the road, a driver may feel the need to park.

  • A “No Parking” signal means you may stop briefly.
  • A “No standing” or “No waiting” sign means you can only stop temporarily to unload passengers or goods.
  • Parallel parking which is referred to as double parking.

The following questions should be asked when parking.

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it convenient to other users?
  • Is it legal?

Here you are with the 5 keys to avoid road accidents, kindly share your comments below! You can also make suggestions and additions.

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