5 Mistakes To Avoid When Electrical Fencing In Kenya

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Electrical Fences in Kenya

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Electrical fences in Kenya are crucial for the safety of property. Whether it’s animals, or when you used to fence to secure your premises. If you make a simple mistake when installing your fence, you’re putting your property at high risk.
However, you can learn the mistakes and avoid them. Here are some of the errors:

o Using an inadequate Fence charger

A fence charger supplies power to the fence. If you want to do proper fencing and ensure there is insufficient power in the fence, your fence charger should align with the fence size and the animals and property you’re protecting.
The heavier the kind of animals you’re protecting, the more the capacity of the fence charge you need: A bull will need a larger capacity charger than a sheep due to differences in weight of these animals.o Using small wires

The charge capacity carried by the electrical fences in Kenya is directly proportional to the size of the wires. A small wire will only transport a small amount of charge. If the charge is inadequate, your property is not secure.
Small wires carrying small charges can’t deter the animal from breaching the fence and destroying other people’s property.

Sometimes, a thief can easily violate the electrical fence when it’s carrying little charges.
To ensure you’re purchasing the right kind of electrical fences in Kenya, contact us, and explain to us why you need the fence, we can select the appropriate one and install it for you.

o Placing fencing posts close to each other

Some people, who aren’t experienced in electrical fences installation, set the fencing posts close to each other when fencing: It’s not always necessary to do this because posts can be anything up to 15 meters apart.
The distance between one post to another depends on the terrain.

The result is that we need wires not to sag and be at a uniform distance off the ground. Make the wires act like a rubber band, by placing the posts at a distance. If something runs into the wires, the wires will only bend and pop us again.

o Not observing the required fencing height

Depending on why you’re fencing your property off, you need to make sure the fencing is of the required height.
If you’re purchasing electrical fences in Kenya to keep thieves away, you need to make sure your fence at the required height so that they might not jump over the property. You should observe a similar thing when fencing your animals off.

Electrical fences in Kenya are a principal thing to consider when thinking of securing your property. However, your electrical fencing should not be full of mistakes that can put the security of your property at more considerable risk.
Apart from selecting for you the best electrical fences in Kenya, we can also install it for you and hence avoiding all the mistakes listed above.

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