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5 Reasons You Should Install a Speed Governor in Your Car Today

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With the report from World Health Organization stating that about half of road accidents in low-income and middle-income countries are caused by road accidents, you really have to understand that you are not helping yourself if you have not yet install a speed governor in your car.

Speed governors are relatively inexpensive, but most people would rather prefer to drive without one. No wonder over-speeding remains that top cause of road accidents in Kenya and most African countries. State authorities understand the impact of speed governors made it mandatory to install a speed governor in every car.

Digging into it further, the following are 5 main reasons you should install a speed governor in your car today.

  1. Avoid Over Speeding

The beauty of speed governors is their ability to restrict your vehicle so that you do not over speed. Once they have been installed in your car, they work with the engine system to ensure that your speed range does not exceed the set limit; this makes speed management very easy and effective.

  1. Avoid Fines and Lawsuits

It is very important for you to know that it is illegal for vehicles without sped governors to travel of the road, especially if you live in Kenya. If you are a commercial driver and your vehicle has been caught up in car accident which led to passengers sustaining injury, you can be sued for over-speeding and refusal to install a speed governor in your car.

  1. Avoid Road Traffic Crashes

The higher the travelling speed, the higher the risk of you being engross in a road accident. When you are driving at a top speed, it will take you a lot of time to stop the vehicle and also control the vehicle in order to avoid road traffic crashes. If you Install a speed governor will make it easy to avoid road traffic injuries and accidents.

  1. Avoid High Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Speed governors make it easy for the brake, crush and tyre of your car to stay longer. When you install a speed governor, it prevents the brakes from wearing out easily. At the same time, it prevents the tyres o of your car from wearing out easily. This maintains and protects your car.

  1. Avoid Losing Concentration When Driving

If you are driving, one of the things you will most likely be looking it is your speedometer. You realize you keep checking the speed limit to ensure that you do not exceed the speed limit. With a speed governor you do not have to exceed your speed limit. The speed governor help you stay focus and contracted while driving.

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