5 Responsibilities of Drivers in Road Safety

5 Responsibilities of Drivers in Road Safety

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Yes, you own your car. But you do not own the road. One foolish mistake of a driver can result in a serious fatal accident which can take a lot of lives.  This is the more reason why you have to always be aware of the responsibilities of drivers in road safety.

As road accidents increase at astronomical rate stemming from drunk driving, over speeding, improper vehicles, flouting traffic regulations and many more, drivers must become more attune to their responsibilities in road safety.

To get going, the following are some key responsibilities of drivers in road safety.

  1. Ensure The Vehicle is Road Worthy

Driving faulty and poorly maintained vehicle is one of the major causes of road accidents. It is even amazing that many drivers know for sure that their vehicle needs maintenance, but they put the vehicle on the road causing serious havoc to themselves and pedestrians. Ensure your vehicle is road worthy, don’t over load to exceed the required weight limit for the car.

  1. Drive at Reasonable Speed

Over speeding kills! There’s no doubt about that. And the ways to control over speeding is by driving at a reasonable speed and ensure you have installed a speed governor for your car. Speed governors are special devices that help restrict and limit vehicle speed so as to avoid over speeding.

  1. Be Alert and Self Aware of the Environment When Driving

It’s not enough to focus on the road. You also have to be alert, aware and attentive to the environment. You have to be aware of your vehicle sounds, pedestrians walking by the street, music jamming, other vehicles moving, other driver’s signals and many other things. It may not your mistake, but another person’s mistake that may most likely result in a road accident.

  1. Observe Traffic Regulations

One of the responsibilities of drivers in road safety that must be well noted is observance of traffic regulations. For many reasons such as lateness, pressure, stress and many others, drivers flout road traffic regulations which often culminate in road accidents. Simply observe traffic regulations and avoid road accidents.

  1. Parking and Passing Unauthorized Routs

Many drivers are culprits in parking at the wrong places. They just park anywhere and anyhow, forgetting that they may be exposing themselves or other drivers to road accidents: double parking, parking on the road and many others. It is also important to always park well and also avoid taking the wrong routes when driving.

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