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5 Road Signs Every Pedestrian Should Know

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It has become a common practice among pedestrians who use our roads and as can be seen on our roads these days, that majority of these pedestrians’ flout and ignore road signs and regulations. Pedestrians are also road users and as such they must obey every road sign and regulations for their own safety and also ensure the safety of other road users.

Research has shown that pedestrian death remains the major cause of fatality among urban road users. Fatalities associated with pedestrians include: pedestrians being hit by speeding vehicles or motorcycles.

Most of these pedestrians intentionally ignore these road signs because they have the notion that, they doing so, will not cause them any harm or put the lives of other road users in danger. They do so with so much impunity and in the full glare of many onlookers, because they are either in a hurry or want a shortcut to their destination.

Another major cause of road accidents involving pedestrians is because most pedestrians who use our roads do not know these road signs and regulations. If these problems of ignorance are to be overcome, then education and awareness needs to be intensified, to educate and inform pedestrians on the need to know, obey and adhere to roads signs and regulations when they are on the road.

Pedestrians who use our roads should know road signs that are specific to their own safety. Here are five important road signs pedestrians should know.

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