Road Signs and Their Meanings

5 Road Signs You Should Know and Their Meanings

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A high number of road accidents that occur are as a result because, majority of road users which includes; drivers, pedestrians and hawkers have no knowledge or don’t know road signs and their meanings.

If road users don’t know road signs and their meanings, then our roads and other road users are not safe either. Road signs are used on the road to give warnings, to give information and to give directions to road users.

Road signs also helps to control the behaviors of road users to make sure our roads are safer for everyone. This means all road users must be well acquainted and know road signs and their meanings.  

Most road users can’t be blame either, times are changing, and so is how road signs are used on our roads these days. New ones keep coming up from time to time, and also a particular road sign that was used to give a specific warning a few years back has been changed or altered.  

This means all road users must adjust to the changing times and update their knowledge base on road signs and their meanings.  There are basically three types of road signs: we have signs that give orders, road signs that give warnings and road signs that give information.



Knowing road signs and their meanings, and obeying them, is going to help curtail down on all the carnage and confusion on our roads.

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