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5 Speed Management Practices to Reduce Road Accidents in Keny

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Kenya remains one of the top African countries noted for road accidents. The alarming rate of road accidents has taken the lives of many well-to-do individuals who could have contributed immensely toward the GDP of the country. Many properties have also been lost because of road accidents.

According to World Health Organization, speed contributes to 1-3 in road traffic fatalities worldwide.  A report by WHO also indicates that an estimated 50% cause of road accidents in low-income and middle-income countries can be traced to speeding while 30% of road accident death in high income countries.

To reduce the alarming rate of road accidents, it is necessary to control and manage speed. By controlling and managing speed, road accidents can be death with automatically, since it has a repel effect.

It is however amazing that it is only 47 countries of the world follow good practice on one of the main speed management measures, namely implementing an urban speed limit of 50 km/h or less and allowing local authorities to reduce these limits further on roads around schools, residences and businesses.

To reduce the alarming rate of road accidents, it is very important for all road users to understand and apply speed management policies as well as quality speed governors in Kenya to control road accidents crashes. Quality speed governors, speed management policies and the enforcement of these policies is the key to controlling and reduce the alarming road accidents in Kenya.

Well, the following are key speed management policies all road users should use to prevent and avoid road accidents.

  1. Building and modifying roads to calm road traffic

To control over speeding, it is very important to get the roads right. The road about, T-junctions and all other must be remolded to make it easy for drivers to drive safely on it. Speed bumps must also be set up in accident prone areas to avoid road accidents.

  1. Establishing speed limits for appropriate areas

Speed limits are crucial to avoiding road accidents. The more drivers drive with excess speed the more they expose themselves to road accidents. Drivers must be sensitized on managing and controlling their speed limit.

  1. Installing quality speed governors into vehicles

Quality speed governors must be installed in both commercial and private vehicles in order to control speed limit. Quality speed governors helps to restrict vehicles from breaking their sped boundaries and thereby prevent over speeding.

  1. Raising speed management awareness

Awareness is king. The more people are aware of the dangers of over speeding, the more they will be cautious about speeding. That means road accidents can be reduced drastically. The print and electronic media must be leveraged to build more awareness.

  1. Enforcing Road Safety Regulations

Road authorizes must also enforce all safety laws and regulations without any bribery so that it will enhance speed control.

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