5 things all drivers must keep in mind when driving

5 Things All Drivers Must Keep in Mind When Driving

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You might be excited to receive your license as a driver. Driving is a useful skill people must know. Also know that it is also a privilege and you must be a responsible person before you start driving your vehicle. There are 5 things all drivers must keep in mind when driving!

The owner’s manual of any car will tell you in the most excruciatingly simplistic step by step manner possible – how to operate everything from the seat belt to the trunk lock and how to finely tune the rear headrest with ferocious, compulsive precision. However, there 5 things all drivers must keep in mind when driving in order to avoid accidents!

#1: How to change a tire

If a tire blows, don’t try to save it or its wheel by stopping immediately in a lousy situation, the shoulder of a busy freeway counts as a lousy situation. If possible, find a level, solid, well lit surface and park, even if that means driving a mile at low speed with your hazard lights on. And do not stop in traffic.

5 things all drivers must keep in mind when driving

Then make sure the car can’t roll. The parking brake should be on and the transmission in park or in gear. Grab the spare, lug wrench and jerk. Most new cars use scissors – type jacks that raise the car up at a predefined point on the car’s structure.

#2: How to check your Tire pressure

Everything any car does depends on the four rubber donuts on which it sits. Making sure those tires are properly inflated is the best way to guarantee your car performs as its best from a handling and fuel – efficiency standpoint.

There are fancy tire gauges and straight forward tire gauges but they all work pretty much the same way. Simply take the gauge to each tire, remove the valve – stem cap, press the gauge flat against the value stem and the gauge will read the pressure.

#3: Obey traffic rules

You must keep in mind the speed limit and driving too fast will give you less time to react. Make sure you put on your seat belt and passengers sitting behind you must also wear the seat belt.

Don’t drive your vehicle like you own the road. Never try to imitate other drivers and try to stay away from aggressive drivers. A lot of accidents are caused on freeways. You should never try to pull out in someone else lane.

#4: Use turn signals

While passing, turning and emerging you must be alert. Other drivers may be around you. Many accidents happen to turn the vehicle without turn signals. Avoid turning left side across the busy area which doesn’t show turn signals. You should plan a route that doesn’t need a turn. If you find another vehicle in your lane, wait for the traffic to clear.

5 things all drivers must keep in mind when driving

#5: Keep a distance from another vehicle

Most cars come up with the powerful braking system but still one should maintain a distance from other vehicles which is moving in front of you. You can be courteous to follow the rules on the road, but others may not be.

One need to become a defensive driver rather than being aggressive. Horns are used to alert drivers around you. One should never overuse the horns. This can irritate other drivers by causing unnecessary troubles on the road.

Well, now you are aware of all the 5 things all drivers must keep in mind when driving! Hope you will keep them in mind? Share your comments below on the 5 core things.

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