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5 things drivers can do to reduce road accidents in Kenya

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Our vehicles’ drivers play a significant role in the prevention of road accidents. If drivers become more careful when driving, avoid over-speeding, and obey all traffic rules, the rate of accidents in our country can reduce significantly.

The situation can be tenable only if each of us takes road safety measure seriously. Accidents occur mostly during the festive season of December when many people are travelling to their homes to celebrate Christmas and the New Year eve.

Here is what drivers can do to reduce instances of road accidents:

  • Ensure the vehicle is in good shape

If you drive around with a car that has faulty parts, it’s easy for that car to experience an accident. Most vehicles on our roads are old and need repairs now and then.

If a vehicle has faulty parts such as broken brakes, and low tire pressure, it’s okay if it can be out of the road until it goes for repairs.

Drivers ought to make sure their vehicles are roadworthy. It’s when vehicles are in good shape that accidents can be reduced.

  • Avoid over-speeding

Overspeeding of vehicles on our roads has caused more accidents than ever. A vehicle can speed across a bend and end up rolling upside down.

There are speed limits on our roads. If drivers don’t drive at recommended speeds of at most 80km/hour, they can likely cause accidents. It’s good to operate at reduced speeds when we are approaching a busy town.

To reduce over speeding, you need to install speed limiters on your vehicle. You can contact us to have a professional installation of speed governors.

  • Don’t overtake carelessly

Drivers like to overtake thoughtlessly. They want to save time. In the bid to do this, they are bound to cause accidents.

Some drivers tend towards not being careful while overtaking; they do not take time to look at the oncoming vehicles. The result is that vehicles will collide and cause accidents.

Drivers need to be responsible. They need to be careful when overtaking. It’s when drivers are careful in driving that we can reduce these cases of road accidents.

  • Don’t overload the vehicle

Vehicles ought to transport the recommended number of passengers. If a car is supposed to carry seven passengers, you as a driver should not carry more than that.

Overloading can cause a vehicle to be unstable. If you drive these type of vehicle on a non-even road, it can easily overturn and cause deaths.

We educate the public on road safety and precautions. We aim to be the best company in the region on road safety and security measures. Our clients highly regard our product and services.

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