5 Things All Cyclists Must Know About Using the Road

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Cycling also called bicycling or biking is the use of bicycles for transport, recreation, exercise or spot. Persons engaged in cycling are referred to as cyclists, bikers or less commonly as bicyclists.

Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists make different demands on the road design which may lead to conflicts. Some jurisdictions give priority to motorized traffic, for example setting up one-way street systems, free-right turns, high capacity round about and slip roads.

Others share priority with cyclists so as to encourage more cycling by applying varying combinations of traffic calming measures to limit the impact of motorized transport and by building bike lanes, bike paths and cycle tracks.

  1. How to ride in the wind

The wind can be a cyclist’s greatest enemy. But with a little practice you can make life much easier for yourself when the trees start to sway. If you are riding in a group, stay close to the rider in front. If the wind is coming from the left place your front wheel slightly to his right and vice versa.  When riding on your own be conscious of any protection or shelter that a ditch or wall can offer.

  1. Eating Food or Drink While Cycling

 For spins under 2 hours you do not need to anything. Bring a gel in case you are having a bad day .For longer spins bring an energy bar, fruits or whatever you like to eat and nibble away from the 1.5hour point onward. Drinking depends on the weather, but is a good idea to begin sipping within the first 5 mins before your journey.

  1. Knowing the Rules Of The Road

If you are riding among traffic, you need to make eye contact with drivers when you can rest assured that they know about your presence .you should give park cars extra space while you ride your bike , so you don’t accidentally get hit with a car door.

  1. Ride In Line

Don’t half drive wheel or overlap wheels. If you are in a longer group, you will ride two abreast as this makes it easier for drivers to overtake you. In this scenario, try to ride next to your partner-don’t pull slight a head of them.

  1. Listen to the Ride Leader

There will probably be someone in charge of keeping the group on course more than likely they will have planed the route and they will probably be the only one that knows every twist and turn. Listen out for any calls from them.

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