Avoiding X'mas accidents

5 Ways to Avoiding X’Mas Accidents

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Car crashes are scary and they happen a lot of much more than they should. Accidents are unfortunately very common in most countries especially during the end of the year and majority of these road crashes are caused by human errors. 

Below are the most common causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted Driving                             
  • Drunk Driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Rain
  • Running Red Lights
  • Night Driving
  • Design Defects
  • Tailgating
  • Improper Turns

Avoiding X’mas accidents is very crucial especially when excitements and all sort of activities are on the peak during the season. The following tips or steps should be followed in avoiding X’mas accidents:

  1. Watch for Kids: Children and animals have a habit of suddenly popping out from between parked cars and into roadways. If one is driving in a residential neighborhood with kids present, one needs to watch carefully and reduce speed.
  2. Pull into traffic slowly: Stop, Look and Listen. Drivers must be aware of blind spots, including those in rear mirrors and behind windscreen pillars or high way road signs. Also, when at an intersection making a right-hand turn, the driver must look both directions at least twice before proceeding.
  1. Perform engine maintenance regularly: Drivers must avoid sudden stalls or other vehicle accidents by changing the oil regularly and keeping tires properly inflated.
  1. Do not Tailgate: Drivers must leave a three second distance between them and the car in front of them. They must also begin their journey early enough so they don’t speed to make up time. Tailgating (to follow or drive hazardously close the rear of another vehicle) is a major cause of car accidents.
  1. Be courteous to other drivers: no one owns the road, so drivers must treat each other and others with respect and report any suspicious driving activity to authorities.

Human beings are just like any other living beings on this planet. We are born and we die. However, we make it important because we show more emotions and attachments and love than other beings hence, avoiding X’mas accidents is very necessary.

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