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The 6 Most Common Road Traffic Collisions

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You have to stay safe on the road. But this requires sticking along with a lot of factors.   If you are driving, you must observe the road safety rules and regulations which includes wearing your seat belt, driving at the required speed limit, driving cautiously and installing a speed governors. Each year, many road accidents happen through various kinds of collisions. Many of these collisions lead to fatal road accidents that imputes many people and send others to their early grave.

Road traffic Collins are causes by many factors. Common among there are over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and reckless/distracted driving. What many people fail to realize is that these road accident traffic collisions can destroy a person’s future and career and this is the core reason why installing a speed governor in cars is very important. It would fundamentally deal with the issue of road traffic collisions.

The following are the most common types of road traffic collisions which occurs on daily basis:

  1. Rear-End Collisions

This is the first and most common type of collisions where two vehicles collide together at both ends. These can be caused by over speeding or tail gating. When you are driving too close to a car in from of your, you should be careful, lest you can have rear-end collisions.

  1. Car-Park Collisions

Many a time drivers park their car at the wrong places. Parking your car at the wrong place predisposes you to road accidents. Your car can get crashed in by another car, trying to pass by. And this is the reason to stick with “No Parking Signs” at various place before parking.

  1. Changing Lanes Collisions

You should be very careful when changing lanes. Reckless and dangerous driving can make you to collide with another car while changing lanes. Changing lanes would cause you to get crashed in by another car moving on the same road and this is the reason caution has been taken while doing this.

  1. Collision with An Animal

“Slow Down, Animals Crossing.” When you see these sign posts you have to reduce your speed and be very careful when driving. At some times, you would have the road signs being place there, at some other times, an animal simply just roaches through the road and then another animal hits. Installing a speed governor is very important to always control your speed and reduce this collision.

  1. Collision with Objects

You have to drive safely to avoid hitting off objects.

  1. Reverse Collisions

You should be careful when moving reverse. You care likely to hit off objects if you don’t conduct yourself when and don’t drive appropriately.

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