The 6 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Speed Governor

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Speed governor is a device used to restrict the top speed of the vehicle for security reasons, widely used in public service vehicles (buses, school buses) and heavy goods vehicles.

The vehicle is already equipped with an on board speed limit system which prevents the vehicle exceeding certain speed. However, the traffic might get dangerous with the pre-controlled speed, especially for school buses, public buses and heavy construction trucks. Then external speed limiter (speed governor) is needed to ensure the public security.

Types of Speed Governors

There are two types of governors

  1. Centrifugal Governors
  2. Inertia Governors

Centrifugal governors are used to balancing the rotating balls by using centrifugal force.

Inertia Governors: Inertia governors works on different principles. The balls are arranged in such a way that inertia forces are caused due to angular retardation or acceleration of the governor shaft to change their position.


What to Know Before Buying a Speed Governor

  1. Road speed governors were developed to improve safety and the environment by controlling the top speed of vehicles, thus reducing serious accidents and pollution. The main work of the devices is to limit the maximum speed of a vehicle to a present level whilst the throttle pedal is fully depressed, without a noticeable variation in the speed.


  1. Know the Principles of operation of a Speed Governor.


  1. The electronic control unit is powered by battery through the ignition switch. When ignition is turned on, the ECU is powered. The ECU activates the motor unit which rotates anti – clockwise, thereby equaling the length of the spring rod to that of the length of the original connecting rod, to allow maximum acceleration.


  1. The reduction of fuel costs is an important part of most businesses. The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is also apparent. The increase in fuel economy is not the only benefits however; as the operating RPM is much lower at 70mph as opposed to 80 + mph the engine and vehicle component wear can also be reduced.


  1. Speed governors contribute to safety as well as reduce fuel use and tire wear with the speed set at a level optimum for these factors. Even if an accident will be inevitable, its impact will be very significantly reduced.


  1. Loss of profit for small owner – operations. However, whatever the case, safety remains primary.

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