8 Ways to Reduce Road Accidents by Reducing Over Speeding

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Over speeding is not only against the law, but also wastes gas and increase the risk of accidents. To reduce over speeding, it is important to identify the source of the problem. The following will help one to reduce over speeding.

  1. Relax yourself before driving


Being angry will make you drive more erratically. Maintaining control is key to resisting the urge to speed. Before you start your car relax by taking some deep breaths. Try to listen to light music when driving. Let go of negative, emotion laden thoughts and focus on the road.

  1. Leave earlier so you don’t rush to your destination.

Many people speed because they feel like they are running late. Do not put yourself in a situation where you feel pressured to get to work or an appointment on time. Give yourself time to get to where you need to go.

  1. Pay close attention to the speedometer; once at a time, glances at the speedometer will keep you in check.

Take a quick look down to see how fast you are going. Adjust your speed accordingly. The act of looking forces you to stay engaged instead of zoning out and driving by instinct.

  1. Drive a little bit under the speed limit; dropping 5 mph (8km/h) won’t significantly decrease your travel time.

Staying aware of the speed limit and choosing to stay below it reduces your chances of accidentally going over it. Even if you notice a big difference at first, you will adjust the more you drive at the reduced speed.

  1. Drive less often: Find ways to cut down on your driving.

Check your area for bus routes. Sometimes you can park near the bus station and use the bus to travel the rest of the way to your destination.

  1. Petition your city for road barriers: Speed bumps are the most obvious road barriers. People must slow down to avoid damaging their cars.

Better results come from narrowing the road such as by making the sidewalks larger, adding stop signs or adding chicanes. Speed bumps can help but can also damage cars and feel annoying to you and your neighbours.

If you are permitted to park on the street, you can use your car as a barrier. Otherwise, you should not attempt to block the road on your own. The city may also be able to install yellow hazard signs with message like “chicken are playing” people will take caution as they travel along the street.


  1. The presence of police: Seeing a police cruiser is enough to slow people down.
Image: News Day In Kenya-Over Speeding in Kenya

A police presence may cost the government money and the effects are temporary. The government may also install speed detection signs. These signs display speed as you pass them. They may shame some people into slowing down but many others will ignore these.

  1. Raise over speeding awareness with signs and pledges: The simplest idea you can try to prevent speeding in your area is to raise awareness.

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