Bad Roads Cause Road Accidents

How Bad Roads Cause Road Accidents

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As it is said, 90% of road accidents are preventable. The basic is road networks. At its minimum, the government of many African countries can repair and construct first class roads. This would ultimately reduce the rate of road accidents by 50%.

An 18-year research study by the Pacific Institute of Research & Evaluation gleaned by examining road Safety information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Communication and other government agencies indicated that 42,000 road accidents in the US stem from bad roads. This is estimated to be half of the road accidents cause.

How much more developing countries with very bad road networks? Bad roads cause accidents in many developing countries as well!

This means that to drastically control and reduce road accidents, emphasis must also be placed on developing good roads. The alarming rate of road accidents in Kenya for example step from bad roads networks.

The following are examples of bad roads:

  • Cracks on roads
  • Potholes
  • Lack of rumble strips/freeways
  • Faded path paintings on the road
  • Poor traffic networks on roads
  • Slippery roads
  • Potholes covered by heavy rains
  • Muddy roads

The above bad roads cause road accidents.

The most basic way bad road networks cause road accidents is simply by the misjudgment of the driver. Bad roads cause accidents by causing drivers to make wrong judgments which leads them into quickly veering into road accidents. For example in an attempt to jump off a pothole with water, a driver may run into another car leading to road accidents.

Roads with very poor traffic regulations also endanger the livelihood of people. This is why it is expedient for road commissions to constantly examine the state of the road and put forth developments structures in place to keep the road good and life sustainable.

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