How Blood Alchohol Content (BAC) Affects Your Driving

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While alcohol may be good for the body a t a particular instance, it is generally not good when it comes t driving. You may sip in just a glass of alcohol in a party, event or any social gathering, but do make sure you don’t sit behind your driving wheel to drive afterwards.

It takes about 30 minutes to 2hours for alcohol to be absorbed into your blood stream. During this process, the alcohol you drink will begin to affect you gradually until it is finally absorbed into your blood stream.

Blood alcohol content affects your driving. The higher your blood alcohol content, the more the effect on your driving. Generally, a blood alcohol content of 0.08 is considered legally impaired. At that state it is legally considered driving under the influence of alcohol.

The following are how blood alcohol content affects driving.

  1. Blood Alcohol Content of 0.02 Leads to Lack of Judgment

At a blood alcohol content of 0.02, you begin to experience lack of judgment. This lack of judgment is expressed through mood swings, blurred vision and increase blood temperature. This makes driving uneasy.

  1. Blood Alcohol Content of 0.05 Leads to Increased Lack of Judgment

Driving is brain work. Your sense of judgment must be sound and clear. But when your blood alcohol content stands at the level of 0.05, you begin to experience lack of coordination, alertness and ability to make sound driving decisions.

  1. Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08 Leads to Lack of Self Control

To be in control of your vehicle, you must first be in control of yourself. But when your blood alcohol content reaches the level of 0.08, you lack self-control. That means you can’t control yourself behind the steering wheel. You lack ability to remember short term events, control your speed and focus on you driving.

  1. Blood Alcohol Content of 0.10 Leads to Reduced Ability to Control Vehicle

Once you lack self-control, then your ability to control your vehicle will be affected. A blood alcohol content of 0.10 is considered high and it will lead to reduced concentration and coordination while driving which may expose you to the risk of road accidents.

  1. Blood Alcohol Content of 0.15 Leads to Extreme Loss of Balance

This is actually the worst case of drunk driving. People who are considered to be suffering from alcohol Use Disorder often tend to abuse alcohol and plunge themselves to this level. At this level, you are at high risk of fatal road accidents and injuries.

Stay smart and stay alert. Never ever drink and driver!

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