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Every car needs to be protected, secured and checked to prevent theft, abuse and others. In doing this, you can either use a car alarm or a vehicle tracking device. Car alarm or vehicle tracking device: which is better in car protection?

First of all you want to know what a car alarm and vehicle tracking device is.

Car Alarms: Car alarm is an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its content or both.

In a car alarm system, a siren is connected to a few sensors to ensure that as soon as a person opens a door, a signal is transmitted to the wailer from the sensor. Current car alarms are more sophisticated in terms of how they function and the safety features they come with.

There are components or devices like radio, receivers, motion detectors, pressure sensors, auxiliary batteries that enable the alarm to function efficiently, even if the main battery of the car fails.

Car alarm sensors: Modern car alarms are designed to respond to a variety of different security threats that can lead to car theft or other car crime. These include the risk of a break – in via a car door, damage from impact and even loud noise in the vicinity of the car theft itself.

All of these sensors are connected to the alarm’s computer. If one of the sensors is activated by a potential car thief, the sensor sends a signal to the computer and the alarm is activated preventing theft or damage.

Now that you have an idea of what a car alarm is, let us now look at vehicle tracking device.

Vehicle Tracking Device: It combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Vehicle Tracking Device

Vehicle tracking system device starts relaying information about whatever is going on in and around the car once the car is turned on or opened.

The device also allows one to constantly trace a vehicle even when devices are turned off. Real time tracking of one’s fleet means better customer service. Tracking offer customers faster response by finding and dispatching the closest vehicle to the customer location. Settle any disputes about time spent on the road.

It protects reputation of companies and public agency. This is done by preventing negative perceptions that often get formed when drivers misbehave on the road. By monitoring driver and vehicle performance 24/7, you reduce speeding and other unsafe driving that do not reflect well on your business.

It also helps protect your reputation by defending against unsubstantiated claims against drivers.

More efficient route planning mean less chance of obstacles such as slow traffic or construction!

Vehicle Tracking System controls the car and the user (driver) in the way that;

  • It may prevent accident
  • It prevent over using of car or using car for no purpose.
  • One knows the location of it car any point in time (moving or park)

Car alarm discourage theft with it alarm, but it can’t control the user and even know where or how to locate a car.

Well, car alarm or vehicle tracking device: which is better? Share your comments below!

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