Eureka Live Vehicle Tracking Device

Why Choose Eureka Live Vehicle Tracking Device?

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Eureka Technical Services remains the best in road safety management in Kenya and other neighboring African countries. Our big concern for road safety has enabled us to come up and build networks with road safety management firms to bring the best devices to the market place.

Over the past twenty five years, we have developed the credibility and trust of the market place.

Our Eureka Live Vehicle Tracking Device has been patronized and used by individuals, the public sector, the private sector—educational institutions, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, multinational companies, factories, supermarkets, public transport companies and many more!

So you can trust us for the best of the best in vehicle tracking devices!

Vehicle tracking devices have a singular purpose of tracking the location of vehicles at any moment in time. It prevents vehicle theft, enables maintenance of vehicle on regular basis, help in fleet management as well as ensures that drivers conduct themselves very well.

The Eureka Live Vehicle Tracking Device is a GPS Tracking System which combines the usage of GPS server and user interface to find the comprehensive location of vehicles at any moment of time.

The location of the vehicles can then be viewed via Google Maps through internet connection or any specialized software. This helps fleet managers and owners to keep track of their vehicles and ensure safety.

The Eureka Live Vehicle Tracking Device comes with installation by professionally trained GPS Tracking Device Installation Engineers. This ensures that all problems and issues that have to with installation of the tracking device on your fleet are put off.

You also get to learn from the experts in the field to ensure that you get the best that you are looking forinvesting in our Eureka Live Vehicle Tracking Device.

Are you looking for a GPS Tracking Device for your organization or company?

You can contact Eureka Technical Services Limited for more information!

We are a security and safety limited company focused in ensuring road safety has all that you need to ensure road safety! Contact us for all your road safety needs: Speed Warning Systems, Car Alarms, Digital Speed Governor with Record and Online Tracking and Vehicle Tracking System.

Looking for Anti-Siphon Fuel Safety Device? Check out the Eureka Anti-Siphon Fuel Safety Device designed to prevent your fuel spillage, over filling and fuel theft.

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