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The whole essence of fleet management is to control costs, mitigate risks and maximize profitability in fleet operations. So it does not make sense if corporate or commercial vehicles are properly managed without controlling fleet management costs.

Fleet management is simply the management of commercial and private vehicles. This management function can be done in-housed or outsourced to a fleet management service providers.

No matter the option chosen, the right fleet management systems and software must be put in place to ensure that everything is done well.

Fleet management software like GPS vehicle tracking devices, speed governors and many others are crucial in managing fleet. Including advance GPS Fleet Management Software which helps track and diagnose vehicle health is very important.

To control costs in fleet management the following functions should be handled with optimum care:

  1. Vehicle Idling
  2. Vehicle Safety
  3. Vehicle Maintenance
  4. Speed Management
  5. Fuel Management

Vehicle Idling

Vehicle Idling is one of the costs of associated with fleet. This includes running the vehicle on a stationary mode. This misconduct by drivers goes a long way with regards the fuel ranges. GPS Tracking devices can help check on this misconducts which tends to waste enormous amount of fuel.

Vehicle Safety

Maintaining vehicle safety is crucial. Theft, road accidents and injuries are serious costs associated to fleet. GPS tracking devices have been proven to reduce these costs associated with risk. By tracking vehicles it becomes easy to control driver conducts and check on the current location of the car.

Vehicle Maintenance

To mitigate the risk of total breakdown of vehicles, it is important to ensure regular checkup and diagnostics. Advanced fleet management software connected to the vehicle’s engine and the inbuilt car computer is able to collect data for regular monitoring rather than relying on guess work of employees which could lead to vehicle break down.

Speed Management

Speed control is very important to prevent road accidents and ensure vehicle safety. Through the installation of quality speed governors, fleet managers can help limit and “govern” the speed rate of drivers.

Fuel Management

Fuel is a big cost in fleet management. That means systems must be put in place against fuel abuses and vehicle idling. Drivers may be tempted to use company fuels for their private runs which will affect the company’s bottom line. The way to control this is to measure fuel levels, take receipt of all fuel intake, track vehicle and check on vehicle distances and fuel consumptions regularly.

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