Dangers of Overtaking

Dangers Associated with Overtaking On the Road

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Nearly half of us overtake at speed on rural and urban roads, according to a new study. But are we making sound judgment about when it’s safe to overtake?

Overtaking might not be the most common cause of road accidents but overtaking accidents are certainly amongst the most serious.

Here include some dangers associated with overtaking on the roads:


Overtaking on the road can affect the health condition of the driver or an individual. This because when the vehicle is heavily loaded with passengers and luggage this increases the risk of error in driver judgment. The decision to overtake must not be taken lightly. The overtaking decision is a serious decision and the faster the traffic the more serious a decision to overtake is.

Damaged Car

Accidents can occur as a result of overtaking on the road. This can cause one’s car or both parties cars to be damaged. This may increase one’s expenses that are not planned for. It’s quite possible that most drivers don’t know how to overtake safely, hence the need for awareness of overtaking risks and how they can be minimized.

Time Wasting

A small crush can waste one’s time especially when one is in a hurry to attend a meeting or function. Overtaking can be safe but the patient is required in order to save a life. The road could also be affected which may be a cost to the government.

Overtaking on the road should be minimized in order to prolong lives.

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