The government and roles it plays in accident prevention in Kenya

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As a driver, you need to ensure your car is in a safe state when it’s on the road. You don’t want to have an accident due to a faulty brake system or a defective steering wheel.

Road accidents in Kenya have been warring in the number of victims. It seems impossible to reduce these instances, as the numbers seem to increase.

The government plays a significant role in accident prevention in Kenya. It can impose rules and regulations that every driver can obey and lead to a reduction of road accident cases.

  1. The government fails to arrest corrupt police officers

Sometimes, you as a passenger see a police officer taking a bribe and fail to report that officer because of fear. You fear that you can get into trouble.

It can be because police officers seem to be associated with corruption, and reporting them can land you in trouble.

If the government fails to arrest corrupt police officers, drivers can break many road safety rules and regulations; this can increase the cases of road accidents.

  1. Un-maintained roads

Another major cause of road accidents in Kenya is improper or poorly maintained roads. It causes accidents to occur quickly. If a road has potholes, it’s easy for a vehicle to get into them and cause its tires to burst and hence leading to an accident.

The government can help to reduce cases of road accidents by maintaining roads in good shape. It can ensure that roads have less or no potholes.

  1. Fewer road signs

Imagine driving on a path that has less or no road signs? Causing an accident is easy. If you approach a zebra crossing and there is no sign to show that, you can drive all along fast and cause an accident.

The government can try to put enough road signs on most roads to reduce instances of road accidents. If a road is steep, a warning should be placed to inform the driver that the way is steep and help him/her to adjust the speed.

  1. Imposition of rules and regulation

If there are fewer rules regarding road transport, there can be an increase in the instances of road accident. Rules make road transport safe. However, the imposition of those rules makes it more reliable.

The government though members of parliament can come up with rules that can lead to a reduction of accidents. It can impose such rules by using traffic police officers.

Your vehicle needs to be safe. People don’t have to experience road accidents in Kenya. When everyone takes the initiative to ensure they follow road safety rules to the latter, road accident cases in Kenya can reduce.

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