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Simply put, quality speed governors are good!

Quality speed governors help the State to reduce road carnage, ensure road safety, protect the lives of pedestrians and also the vehicles themselves. Quality speed governors help the State to achieve the purpose for instituting speed governor schemes.

The low quality rating of many speed governors in the market have in effect compromise road safety and  escalated the already burning flames of road traffic accidents.

Low quality, faulty and fake speed governors sold in the market does not help deal with the issue of reckless over speeding which seems to be a leading cause of road traffic accidents. The net result is the effect on vulnerable road users—pedestrians and passengers.

The use of quality speed governors must therefore be emphasized and campaigns so as to ensure that all commercial and public transport vehicles use the prescribed speed governors. This will ensure safety on the road and reduce the alarming increase of road accidents.

Exceeding driving speed limits is an offence punishable by law. Drivers caught in this act must face the rigors of the law to serve as a deterrent for others.

Encouraging the use of quality speed governors must be stressed so as to help drivers to drive and stay within their speed limit to ensure road safety.

Quality may cost much at the beginning. But in a null shell, quality costs less. Buying fake, faulty and low quality speed governors in the name of saving money is a foolish decision. You can’t afford to save money, die and leave the money behind.

Quality costs less! Drivers must ensure the buy quality speed governs approved by the state, endorsed by users and auto mechanics. All this will go a great way to ensure safety on the roads, protect livelihood and the living standards of people.

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