Importance of Vehicle Emission Controls in The Environment

Importance of Vehicle Emission Controls in the Environment

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One of the major pollutants in the environment is vehicle emissions. Air pollutants from vehicle emissions have been one of the cons of motor vehicles. These air pollutants affect climate changes, health, physiology of plants, animal species and the ecosystem.

Pollutants from vehicle emissions are often called, “Anthropogenic Pollutions.” These emissions are usually produced through the internal combustion of motor engines. The combustion engines emit harmful gases though the exhaust which pollutes the environment.

The following are some notable harmful vehicle emissions:

  1. Hydrocarbons
  2. Carbon monoxide
  3. NOx
  4. Particulate matter
  5. Sulphur oxide
  6. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

In view of the release of these harmful air pollutants into the environment, there is a need for vehicle emission controls. Though it may not be stopped completely, vehicle emission controls can help curb the problem.

Well, here are top 3 vehicle emission controls to deal with the release of harmful pollutants into the environment.

  1. Exhaust Gas Circulator

Exhaust Gas Circulator is a system that reduces the temperature of combustion chambers. By reducing the temperature of combustion, it dilutes the mattered amount of exhaust and intend reduces the formation of Nox. Many vehicle engines have been built to perform this function.

  1. Air Injector

The main function of the air injector is to release air into the mainstream of the exhaust so as to ensure that hydrocarbons finish burning. Through oxidation reactions, the air injector can help to reduce the emission of air pollutants.

  1. Catalyst Convertor

The main role of catalyst convertors is to convert harmful gases into harmless gases. The device is often placed in the exhaust pipe and injected with catalysts such as platinum and palladium and rhodium to convert harmful gases such as carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons and Nox. into through chemical reactions.

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