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When driving, it is very important to maintain the right following distance between the vehicles in front of you. This is very important to avoid rear end collisions, road rage, highway accidents, highway fatalities and road accident injuries.

But then what is the right following distance to maintain between the vehicles in front of you. Road Traffic Authorities have over the years determined varying following distances between vehicles. But ideally, determine your following a distance is based on the following:

  • Your speed level
  • Driving conditions
  • The type of car you’re driving.

The ideal varying following distances based on speed entails the following:

  • 2 seconds following distance for 0 to35mph.
  • 3 seconds following distance for 36 to 60 mph.
  • 4 seconds following distance for 61+ mph.

These are just the general following distances based on speed levels. But the distances also changed based on driving conditions at the moment. As a general rule avoid tailgating, following the vehicle in front of you too closely.

The following sets up the general rule to vary the distance under different circumstances.

  • Inclement Weather & Heavy Traffic: During inclement weather conditions and heavy traffic on the road, it is prudent to double the 3 seconds following distance to 6 seconds to prevent rear end collisions.
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Under very poor weather conditions like heavy rain, heavy snow and heavy storm, it is very important to triple the 3 seconds to 9 seconds as well ensure that your speed levels are also appropriate.

How to Maintain the Right Following Distance

The time lapse method is a good way to ensure you leave the right distance between you and the vehicle in front when driving. The time lapse method checks whether you are abiding with the time rules for each situation.

How do you do that?

  1. Mark a stationary body on the other side of the road between you and the following vehicle, like a light pole.
  2. When the car in front of you just passed that object, begin to count the seconds based on your speed levels and the weather conditions at the moment.

For the general 3 seconds rule, when the vehicle in front of you just passed, count, “ 1 1 thousand, 1 2 thousand and 1 3 thousand.” It It takes 3 seconds to count this.

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