Road Safety Tips for Drivers in the Festive Season

Road Safety Tips for Drivers in the Festive Season

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Safety tips are basically practical advice and tools that one needs to prepare himself or herself from unforeseen emergencies. These tips are required at our workplaces homes, health and especially on our roads.

According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are four days considered the “deadliest of the year”. Two of these deadly days include December 23rd and 24th. The reasons for car accidents during the holidays include driving while buzzed, increased holiday stress, more vehicles being on the road and improper vehicle maintenance.

However, all these occurrences can be reduced or avoided when drivers are been educated on some road safety tips. These tips include:

Don’t drink and Drive. In Ghana, most drivers are used to taking alcohol. Drivers should note that if they are going to a holiday party and they plan to indulge in an alcoholic drink or two, they should not drive (especially commercial drivers). The driver must stay the night or plan a safe alternative to get home, take a cab or designate a driver.

Slow down. One of the road safety tips for drivers in the festive season is to slow down when driving. In the rush to finish the holiday shopping, baking, and decorating, one may be tempted to speed. But the presence of the police is greater on the roads both day and night throughout the season.

Wear your seatbelt. The attire a driver wears really matters. It should be well enough to fit under the seat belt. The police are watching for this otherwise the driver could be arrested. The driver will also be safer if he happens to have an accident during the season.

Watch for emergency vehicles. In an emergency every second counts. When a driver hears a siren, he or she must be sure to pull off to the other side of the road to allow the ambulance, police car or fire truck to pass. Also if a driver is on a highway and see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights parked off to the side, he/she must move over the other side to leave a safe space.

Don’t talk and Drive. Calling friends and relatives while driving between stores or other locations to give them information is a dangerous distraction. The best thing is to find a place and park to place or receive a call.

By applying these road safety tips for drivers in the festive season, you can enjoy a happier holiday season and keep your accident rates to a minimum.

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