The Role of Police Officers in Reducing Road Accidents

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A police officer is a warranted law employee of police force. Police officers are generally charged with the apprehension of criminals, prevention and detection of crime, protection and assistance of public order.

Police officers may be sworn to an oath and have the power to arrest people and detain them for a limited time, along with the other duties and powers. Some officers may also be trained in special duties, such as counter-terrorism, surveillance, child protection, VIP protection, civil law enforcement and investigation techniques into major crime including fraud, rape, murder and drug trafficking.

Many police officers wear a corresponding uniform; some police officers are plain –clothed in order to dissimulate as ordinary citizens. But what is the role of police officers in reducing road accidents?

  • Educating Road Users.

It is important that people receive road safety education. A formal road safety education in an educational environment outside of school is also an effective means of road safety training. Police officers, road safety professionals and educators must plan and support road safeties programs and train the educators.

Education should be based on practical training in a realistic road environment such as training in crossing streets, crossing near parked cars and crossing at intersections.

  • Directing And Diverting Traffic, Divert Is To Change The Direction In Which Something Travels.

The police will divert traffic if there has been an accident that blocks the road. Road traffic control involves directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic around a construction zone, accident or other road disruption. Thus, construction workers and the general public!

  • Placing and Operate Traffic Signs.

Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users. The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones.

  • Removing Debris and Other Obstruction from the Carriage Way.

Road debris, a form of debris includes substances, materials and objects that are foreign to the normal road way environment. Debris may be produced by vehicular or non-vehicular sources but in all cases it is considered litter, a form of solid waste. Debris may tend to collect in areas where vehicles do not drive, such as on the edges, around traffic islands and junctions.

  • Providing Road Information to Assist Motorists.

Road conditions can change quickly when incidents such as vehicle crushes, dangerous weather, power outages, emergency road works and special events occur. In some cases, roads are closed and detours are set up to guide you around such incidents. Such information needs to be sent to the public to assist.

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