How to Safely Help Children Cross the Road

How to Safely Help Children Cross the Road

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One of the victims of road accidents is children. Children are vulnerable when it comes to crossing the road. And many of them suffer fatal injuries and sometimes death as a result of not crossing the road properly.

According to the World Health Organization, up to 50% of road accidents involve children which often take place in high income countries. This means there is a need to teach and safely help children cross the road properly in other to reduce children-related accidents.

To reduce the carnage on the road involving children, here are 5 ways to safely help children cross the road:

  1. Never Leave Children Alone When Crossing

It is very important not to leave children either at the footpath or on the road while crossing the road. Children are innocent and may not think fast about any approaching vehicle. So it is very important to always hold their hands and safely help them cross the road.

  1. Always Cross at the Right Place

When crossing the road with children, it is important to always cross at the right place. Failure to cross the road at the right place can trigger road accidents. Remember, children learn by following. So we have to set good examples for them by crossing at traffic signals, pedestrian refugee and good spots.

  1. Look Very Well Before Crossing

You are helping the child to cross the road safely as well as taking care of your own safety. So it is very important to look in all directions and listen in all directions before crossing. Turn left, right, across and pay attention to all approaching vehicles before crossing the road.

  1. Keep Alert When Crossing

It is very important to stay alert when crossing the road with children. Hold their hands when crossing them through the road. And stay alert if any of the children wants to twist their hands and run through the road. Pay attention to ensure there is safety all round—with all approaching vehicles.

By practicing these principles to safely help cross the road over and over again, children will pick up and cross the road safely.

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