How Tempered Speed Governors Causes Road Accidents

How Tempered Speed Governors Causes Road Accidents

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The job of speed governor is to limit and restrict the speed of a running vehicle so that it does not go overboard, leading to road safety.

Speed governors prevent the car from going above its speed limit no matter how the driver drives. This prevents overspeeding and reduces road accidents.

But the opposite happens when speed governors have been tempered with. When speed governors are tempered with , the original function and duty of speed governors cannot be fulfilled leading to divers road accidents.

Speed governors operate by sending electronic signals to the vehicle’s on-board computer which causes the engine system of the car to respond and restrict the car from exceeding its speed limits.

Many drivers however, make mechanical changes to the engine system so that it fails to respond to the electronic signals sent by the speed governors leading to tempered speed governors.

Overspeeding is one of the major causes of road accidents.

When vehicles overspeed, it increase the risk of road accidents as it makes it difficult for the driver to control the vehicle in adverse situation, this intend lead to road accidents. Tempered speed governors do not restrict speed thereby exposing the car to road accidents.

Commercial drivers who drive for long on the road working hard to meet sales targets given to them expose themselves to road accidents.

Fatigue and frustration are the two friends that causes drivers to over speed their vehicles. In order to meet targets, speed governors are tempered so as to allow free speeding may lead to road accidents.

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