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Speed governors help limit vehicle speed.

This limits the amount of time it takes to stop a vehicle, control the vehicle and take critical actions to prevent road accidents. Speed governors generally maintain vehicle speed so as to prevent over speeding on the road.

But what a pity these days when many technology operators are now selling fake speed governors in the market. This does not only compromise the lives of the people in a vehicle operating on fake speed governors, but it also causes serious losses to the State.

Business Today and other notable media houses revealed that many technology providers are now installing fake speed governors in vehicles. It is rather unfortunate that the police and other State authorities are not able to track this!

These faulty and fake speed governors are said to be lacking quality and technical specifications. Many of them have some technical equipment missing or not properly working well. The three technical units often missing are:

  • Electrical Control Unit
  • Fuel Control Unit
  • Speed Server

The alarming increase in road accidents has necessitated the use of speed governors to control vehicle speed. But it’s a pity when speed governors which are meant to control vehicle speed and prevent road accidents are also fake. This is like moving from frying pan to fire!

Sources revealed that the reason for this dubious and inhuman act among unethical technology operators is to cut down cost and make profit. While original speed governors cost much, the fake speed governors cost just a fraction of it.

Since people want cheap things. They buy fake and go through many painful and excruciating experiences! These include technical problems with vehicles, road accidents, loss of lives and loss of properties!

Do you want to buy or install a speed governor for your vehicle?

Choose quality over cheap!

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