Quality and Affordable Speed Governors

The Six Basic Types of Quality and Affordable Speed Governors

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A governor, or a speed limiter or controller, is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine, such as an engine.

The type of governor used on diesel engines is dependent upon the application required. The six basic types of quality and affordable governors are as follows:

Mechanical Centrifugal

This is a flyweight style that relies on a set of rotation flyweight and a control spring. This has been used since the inception of the diesel engine to control its speed.

Power Assisted

This type is a servomechanical style that operates similar to the mechanical centrifugal flyweight but uses engine oil under pressure to move the operating linkage.

Hydraulic Governor

Another quality and affordable speed governors entail their Hydraulic Governor. This relies on the movement of a pilot valve plunger to control pressurized oil flow to a power piston, which, in turn, moves the fuel control (a control system for gas and turbine engine) mechanism.

Pneumatic Governor

The pneumatic governor is the type responsive to the air flow (vacuum) in the intake magnified of an engine. A diaphragm within the governor housing is connected to the fuel control linkage that changes its setting with increases or decreases in the vacuum.

Electromechanical Governor

This uses a magnetic speed pickup sensor on an engine-driven component to monitor the rpm of the engine. The sensor sends a voltage signal to an electronic control unit that controls the current flow to a mechanical actuator connected to the fuel linkage.

Electronic Governor

This type is also quality and affordable. It uses a magnetic speed sensor to monitor the rpm of the engine. The sensor continuously feeds information back to the ECM (Electronic Control Module). The ECM then computes all the information sent from all other engine sensors, such from all other engines, such as the throttle position sensor and temperature sensor.

Governors, in summary, can be used on heavy-duty trucks and on diesel engines as well. Looking for quality and affordable speed governors?

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