Top 10 Signs of Bad Drivers

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Every day, there are two kinds of drivers that drive through the road—good drivers and bad drivers. Good drivers maintain a set of habits, attitudes and disciplines that ensures their safety as well as other road users. But bad drivers recklessly and careless engage in acts that jeopardize their safety and many other road users.

To ensure safety as a driver, it is prudent to think of safety first. When safety rings in your mind, you consider your car, the environment and other drivers when using the road. However, this is not the case with bad drivers.

Are you wondering whether you’re bad driver? Here are 20 signs of bad drivers you must watch and desist from.

  1. Texting and taking long phone calls while driving.

When driving, you have to focus on the road. But this is not the case with bad drivers. They get distracted with phone calls, email and text message notification.

  1. Driving with car lights not working well.

The lights of a car are just like the eyes of a person. How can drive a car with faulty lights? The head lights and others must always be working well!

  1. Driving with no turn signals.

The turn signals of a car are simply the handle stalk on the steering wheel ensuring that you give intent to other drivers when turning. To avoid road accidents, always ensure your turn signals are present.

  1. Driving with blasting music in the car.

Driving a car with loud rattling and vibrating sound is not an act of intelligence, but exposure to accidents.

  1. Driving a car with the clutch, break and side walls of car wearing out.

You can’t afford to be driving with your clutch, break and sidewalls wearing out and not doing anything about it. When your break fails on a busy road, you’re dead!

  1. Not paying attention to traffic lights on the road.

The essence of traffic lights is to ensure safety on the road. But many bad drivers ignore the signals and simply pass by.

  1. Not maintaining consistent and appropriate speed on the road.

Over speeding kills! So always ensure that your speed limit is at the appropriate level.

  1. Drunk driving and driving tired.

Many bad drivers often result to drinking heavily forgetting that their exposing their lives and all others to danger. If you drink, don’t drive and when you’re tired don’t drive!

  1. Aggressive and inattentive driving.

Aggressive and reckless driving results in road rage. When you drive aggressively and reckless, you drive other drivers angry, making them to behave in a disgusting manner which may lead to road accidents!

  1. Aggressive and reckless driving results in road rage.

Road rage cause drivers to become furious with other drivers assault them or verbally abuse them. This creates tension and may often lead to road accidents.

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