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Vehicle alarm is an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its contents or both.

Vehicle alarm work by emitting high volume sound (usually siren, klaxon, pre-recorded verbal warning, the vehicle’s own horn) when the conditions necessary for triggering are met, as well as by flashing some of the vehicle’s lights and notifying the car’s owner via a paging system and interrupting single or multiple electrical circuits necessary for the car to start.

The main purpose of a vehicle alarm is to deter theft, which can be accomplished by either scaring off would-be thieves or simply rendering the vehicle inoperable. Vehicle alarm can provide protection against crimes of opportunity.

At the most basic level, vehicle alarms are relatively simple devices. They consist of at least three components, which are:

  1. At least one type of sensor
  2. Some type of noise-making siren or flashing light.
  3. A control unit to make it all work.

The sensors are connected to different parts of the vehicle and they are designed to trip whenever a thief attempts to gain access. When one of the sensors is tripped, it send a signal to the control unit. The control unit then activates the siren, which will call attention to the vehicle and may scare the thief off.

Vehicle alarms can be incredibly complicated. Most of them include radio receivers built into the control units and transmitters that take the form of key, fobs and there are several different kinds of sensors.

A good alarm system does not only make your car more difficult to steal, it also makes it easier to live with. The small remote control that you carry with your keys lets you arm and disarm the alarm, lock and unlock your doors and maybe even zap open your trunk.

Some systems let you use your smartphone to control and monitor your car’s security. With the door sensors, when the alarm is active, the sensors send a signal to the alarm. If a car thief opens the door, the alarm sounds. Since most car thefts require the thief to break open your car’s lock and enter the vehicle, door sensors are very effective in deterring theft.

Door sensors can stop a thief from breaking open your car’s door but can’t stop someone from breaking a window to enter your car. Shock sensors detect hits and impacts around your car, such as the shock of someone breaking a window.

Pressure sensors work on the same basic principle that microphones do, but they are set off when the pressure in the vehicle changes. Since breaking a window or opening a door will trigger a pressure change, this type of sensor can be relatively effective.

A vehicle alarm system emits loud noise and bright lights scaring the thief and some alarms come with GPS also you can find your car in case the thief is successful.

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