10 Things All Road Users Must Know To Avoid Road Accidents

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Roads are essential to our everyday lives, every year there are road traffic accidents which result in people being seriously injured or killed. Before we look at the things that road users must know, let’s look at the lanes.

  • Lanes: A lane is the divided portion of the road that traffic travels on in either direction.

Purposes of lane:

  • It receives traffic and re – distributes it.
  • It separates traffic, particularly in a single carriage way so that traffic is able to flow in either direction.
  • The lanes in a dual or multiple carriage way allow more than one traffic stream to flow in one direction.

The don’ts in changing lanes

  • Do not continuously move from one lane to the other
  • Never change lanes at the last minute
  1. Hazards: A hazard is any situation on the road that requires a motorist or pedal cyclist to change speed or direction.

 Why do you have to look for hazards?

To enable you identify early what the other road user is about to do.

  1. Obey the Rules of turning: In the course of using the road, a time will arise when a driver will need to make a turn.
  2. Signal at least 30 meters before the turn. Reduce your speed. Look out for traffic on all sides.
  3. The right of way rules: The right of way simply means a situation where motorists A give chance to motorists B to use the road.
  4. Overtaking: Overtaking of another vehicle on the road is allowed, but the manner in which this should be done has been specified by rules and regulations.
  5. Driving in the rain: Driving or riding in the rain poses some problems. The road becomes wet and slippery. Visibility ahead may be reduced. The edge of the road may not be visible.

  1. Driving in a mountainous area: When driving in hilly and mountainous areas, a driver needs to make sure your brakes are working, when descending, the speed increases because of the force of gravity. Reduce speed by taking your leg off the accelerator once you start descending.
  2. Driving on the motorway: Motorways are usually dual carriage ways on which vehicles travel fast. On the motorway make sure the vehicle is fit and roadworthy to travel fast. Tyres are inflated at the correct pressure. Make sure that the vehicle has enough fuel, oil and water.
  3. Road signs and marking: Road signs and marking perform functions like, guide, warn, inform, direct and regulate.
  4. Reading the road: The road system gives road users a lot of information. Motorists come across bends, hills, road signs, rail level among other situations.

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