Eureka Fuel Safety Device

Protects your diesel from fuel thieves.

We have been in the industry for the past 40 years and we know exactly what works best for all private and commercial vehicles. We take pride in our integrity, expertise and professionalism.

Eureka Fuel Safety Device is the only device to completely and permanently stop any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills. Eureka Fuel Safety Device has been proven and used all over the world by top class vehicle and truck brands like IVECO, VOLVO, MAN, MERCEDES and RENAULT.

Unbeatable Features

Low price

Corrosion protected by aluminum coating

The original fuel cap can be re-used

Quick and easy to fix as well as transferring parts

Float valve protects over-filling of fuel

Anti-vortex system that helps splash back when refilling fuel

Can be fitted into most steel and aluminum fuel tanks

Stops thieves from siphoning your fuel

Ensures rapid fuel filling with at least 120 litres per minute

Environmentally friendly with attack proof

Benefits of Eureka Fuel Safety Device

Stops Fuel Theft/Skimming

Eureka Fuel Safety Device locks up fuel caps and provides top notch security and fuel theft protection. That means 100% of your fuel will stay in your tank, reducing your fuel cost and increasing your fleet profitability.

Prevents Fuel Spills

If your fuel has been spilling, say, “Goodbye to that fuel spills”. With Eureka Fuel Safety Device, the anti-cortex system ensures that the float valve is locked well once the fuel tank is full. This prevents fuel spillage and keeps your fuel in the tank.

Prevents Over Filling

You wonder whether your fuel will still spill over when the tank is Eureka Fuel Safety Device prevents fuel from spilling over once that tank is full. The float valve and the anti-vortex system automatically cause a spill back when the fuel tank is full to prevent waste fuel.

The Impregnable Eureka Fuel Safety Device Profitability Rating

Increases ProfitabilityOne Haulier made a £2,500 per month reduction in fuel bills after fitting the device to a fleet of 25 Trucks.
Proven ReductionsFuel bills reduced by up to 10%.
Proven Cost SavingsPayback can be achieved in just 6 weeks.
Environmentally FriendlyBy preventing harmful diesel spills.
Prevents AccidentsBoth on the road and in the workplace.
1,017 CustomersIncluding: Tesco, Sainsburys, Maritime Transport, Biffa Waste.

Installation Guide


The Impregnable Eureka Fuel Safety Device is quick and easy to install. It should take less than 15 minutes in all to do the installation. There are basically two ways to do the installation.

Adhesive Fitting Method

Grab Screws Fitting Method

How it Works

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Eureka Fuel Safety Device
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