How does GPS tracking work

How Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Work?

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GPS Vehicle Tracking is becoming increasingly popular for those working in fleet management who wish to gain more control over their vehicles. Their motivations for installing vehicle tracking may include increased productivity amongst drivers, increased efficiency or the reduction of costs. If you are considering vehicle tracking for your business vehicles, then you may be curious as to how GPS trackers work and also asking, “How does GPS tracking work?”

What Is GPS?

GPS or Global Positioning System, originally developed by the US Airforce, uses satellites orbiting the Earth to help with all positioning and monitoring applications globally. GPS can determine the position, speed and elevation of an object. It has therefore been extremely useful for fleet tracking technology as GPS can monitor the location information of your business vehicles within 2.5 metres and can record the position of the vehicle very regularly – every 5 seconds.

As well as the vehicle’s location, you can also learn how fast the vehicle is moving. Once your vehicle trackers are installed, you’ll have a much clearer insight into the location and speed of your vehicles
plus a much lower degree of administration to keep track of your vehicle fleet.

Where Is the Data Stored for My Vehicle?

All of the data related to your vehicle tracking system is stored in secure cloud data centres. Your vehicle tracking data is also protected by state-of-the-art internet security technology. Scorpion vehicle tracking is, of course, completely GDPR compliant and we take the subject of data security and privacy extremely seriously.

How Can GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Help Fleet Managers?

As fleet management involves the management of a number of vehicles, a vehicle tracking system could be vital to increase the safety of your drivers, track down the location of your vehicles and save costs on
petrol, as well as insurance premiums. You will be able to access a wide range of reports on your vehicles such as speeds travelled, how long journeys took and how many stops were made. All of the information is backed up should you need to access again it in the future.

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