Washing Your Car

5 Simple Tips for Washing your Car Like a Pro

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Many drivers enjoy the luxury of driving their car around, but when it comes to washing it, they shy away. Notwithstanding, washing your car can help maintain your car’s exterior clean, tidy and sparkling as you drive along.

Well, here are 5 tips for washing your car like a pro.

  1. Dust the Interior & Exterior Sections of Your Car

Before you dust your car, remove items from it. Remove and dust the floor mat. Dust and blow off dusts residing between the seat and the center console through the hose connected to the exhaust port. Dust off all the interior sections of the car by tossing off all traces of dust in the car.

  1. Rinse the Car Thoroughly

Prior to washing the car, rinse it so that you can remove large segments of dust on the car. Connect a pump to a flowing tap and use it to run through the exterior sections of the car to make sure all large pieces of dust on the exterior sections of the car are removed.

  1. Wash the Car Thoroughly

Once you are done with rinsing and sprinkling of water over the car, the next step is washing your car thoroughly. When washing your car, it is important to avoid suing dish washer and liquid detergent which can damage the wax paintings on the car. Use a car washing soap and a soft washing mitt to wash the car. Use an auto window cleaner when washing the windows of the car.

  1. Polish the Car to Make it Glow

Washing your car is more like bathing. After bathing, you want to apply pomade on your skin, so that it can shine and glow. The same apples to washing your car. After the washing, take a cleaning mitt abd clean the surface of the car neatly and then apply your hand gently over the surface with a dual action polisher and conditioning oils.

  1. Wax to Protect the Surface

Once you are done with polishing for extra glow, you can go ahead and wax the surface so that you can protect the exterior of your car.  Waxing the car is more like using a sunscreen to protect the exterior of the car with high finishing. You can use a Carnauba or Polymer form of wax polisher in waxing your car.

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