Avoid Intersection Accidents

5 Ways to Avoid Intersection Accidents

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If intersection accidents are responsible for 43 % of all road traffic collisions, then there is a need to put on all safety precautions that can drastically reduce them. And most of the causes of these intersection accidents are preventable.

By putting on preventive measures, the rate at which intersection accidents take place can be drastically reduced. But it all starts with recognizing and finding the ways to avoid intersection accidents.

Well, here are the top three ways to avoid intersection accidents:

  1. Watch Out Carefully Before Turning

Side impact collisions are the most common types of intersection accidents. And these types of intersection accidents are caused when a driver failed to watch very well before turning left, right or crossing over. A driver ends up colliding with another vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist or motorists due to failure to be watchful.

  1. Watch Out for Cross Traffic Regulations and Signs

In most cases, before approaching the intersections, road signs will be placed at the side of the road to ensure that drivers remain watchful and vigilant. But some drivers sort of ignore the traffic regulations, traffic signals and road signs that have been set aside to control road traffic accidents.

  1. Avoid Distractions While Driving through the Intersections

Distracted driving is the major cause of road accidents at the intersections. Distractions from ringing phone, text message notifications, external occurrences, passengers, playing music and all others causes drivers to lose focus on their driving leading to fatal intersection accidents.

  1. Avoid Changing Lanes at the Intersection

Sometimes you can be so much in a hurry that you want to change lanes very fast and get to your destination. But this can lead to intersection accidents. Often times you can misjudge and miscalculate the speed and driving behavior of the one in front, while trying to veer over…it can lead to intersection accidents.

  1. Dead and Faulty Traffic Lights

Neglect and failure to replace traffic lights at the appropriate places can lead to major road accidents at the intersections. Disorder and chaos at the intersection will always lead to serious side impact collisions which can cause many fatal injuries.

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