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Part of learning how to drive a car safely is developing safe habits. As we learn how to drive do the following before sparking your car. It will be developed into a habit. Good drivers have developed habits that keep them safe when driving a car.

#1: Check Your Engine and Brake System

Note that you car is roadworthy and fit on the road before you thinking of sparking your car. If your engine and other internal aspects are ready then you can put your car in and start your car. Make sure your brake is also in the right condition!

#2: Check your mirrors.

Those mirrors are not just there to help you make sure you are looking good! Your cars mirrors can help keep you safe by allowing you to see what is behind you, and to your left and right at all times.

Adjust your rear-view mirror and your side mirrors so they allow you a clear view of the area behind your car and full lane on either side. Check mirrors to be sure they are aligned properly, giving you a proper view of the road.

#3: Check and adjust your seat position.

Getting an ergonomically comfortable driving position is of utmost importance. Make sure you are driving safely and follow the rules of the road.

#4: Check tires.

Make sure you keep a check to look out for a flat tyre. Also top the air in your tyres to maintain the optimum pressure. If the tyre is flat, replace it with spare and get the flat tyre repaired. Do not ever drive with a flat tyre. In a worst case scenario, a blown tire could cause you to crash. It is a good idea to check them periodically even if you aren’t going on a long trip.

#5: Check your vehicle’s load capacity to make sure you are not putting too much weight in the car.

On most cars that total weight you can carry is printed on the door. The load rating includes all the passengers and cargo. Know that fuel economy is reduced with extra cargo. Heavy loads on the roof can make the vehicle more difficult to handle in emergency situations and increase the risk of a roll over. Rooftop cargo boxed should only be filled with light bulky items.

#6: Checking the oil level is also important when considering a long trip, as oil is correctly regarded as the blood life of your car.

Make sure your car is standing on a level ground when checking oil in a car.

This will prevent the oil from rushing to the back while you are checking the front and of your engine unit. Once you get your dipstick you must first pull it and use a towel to clean it and after that you reinsert it to check for oil level. You should add the necessary amount of oil if your oil doesn’t rise to the minimum mark and this should be done little by little to prevent overfilling.

Again, if one is going to drive for more than 4 or 5 hours, you need to take a quick snack before you get on the wheel. Avoid eating while driving for at least a reason which may likely result in stomach aches and it will certainly affect your visual contact with the road. Or to bring an end to this stomach aches one can stop at a fast-food along the road.

#7. Check your Car Security

Image: Tracking Genie

You will also want to check the security issue of your car. Ensure your car alarm, speed governor and the vehicle tracking system are intact. Once you have this place, spark your car and move it to where you want to go!

Do you have some other things in mind that you must check before sparking you car? What are they? Kindly share them below!

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