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Speed governor is a device used to restrict the top speed of the vehicle for security reasons, widely used in public service vehicles (buses, school buses) and heavy goods vehicles. The vehicles are already equipped with an onboard speed limit system which prevent the vehicle exceeding certain speed.

Initially commercial vehicle owners will have to shell out less than 10,000 per vehicle for the purpose of installing speed governors within their vehicle. The state government’s policy is to make speed governors mandatory in all vehicles increases the sale of speed governor.

To find the best governor at affordable price, one must look at types: There are two types of governors.

  1. Centrifugal governors
  2. Inertia governors

Centrifugal governors: Are used in balancing the rotating balls by using centrifugal force. Two balls with equal mass are attached to the means, they are called as fly balls or governor balls with the help of spindle, balls rotate and the engine is driven by the bevel gear. To the spindle upper end arms are joined. When the balls are revolving about the vertical axis they move up and down.

While the spindle is revolving simultaneously the sleeve is also revolving along with the spindle the speeds increases in then the balls and the sleeve rise and fall when the spindle speed decreases Centrifugal governors are mainly divided into two types.

They are:

  • Pendulum type
  • Loaded type

The pendulum governor consists of watt governor.                                                                                 The Loaded type governors are mainly divided into two types. They are;

  • Dead weight governor
  • Spring controlled governor.

The Dead weight are divided into two types. They are;

  • Porter governor
  • Proell governor

In porter governor dead weight are placed on the sleeves and balls are attached or the hinge.

The spring controlled governors are also divided into four types;

  1. Pickering governor
  2. Hartnany governor
  3. Hartnell governor
  4. Wilson Hartnell governor.

Hartnell governor is also known as spring loaded governor. Two bell crank levers joints are arranged on the frame. To the governor spindle a frame is attached and then made to rotate with it

  1. Inertia governors: compare with the other governors inertia governors work on the different principle. The balls are arranged in way such that inertia forces are caused due to angular retardation or acceleration of the governor shaft to change their position with the help of the springs the displacement of the balls are calculated and controlled by using the governor mechanism the energy supply to the engine is calculated.The positions of the balls are exaggerated by the rate of revolution of the speed of the shaft.

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