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Frequently asked questions about new speed governors in Kenya

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When the number of road accidents in Kenya rose to an alarming rate, NTSA decided to introduce new speed governors in Kenya; this was after a bus belonging to Green Line Bus Company killed nine on Eldoret-Nakuru highway.

The new speed governors aim to reduce the number of road accidents experienced in the country. Once fitted on a vehicle, it would send real-time information to the database at National transport and safety authority.

Is your vehicle fitted with a speed governor? You need to ensure you have it installed. However, you can take time to learn at these frequently asked questions about speed governors and expand your skill set:

What’s a speed governor?

A speed governor is a device fitted in your vehicle to reduce the speed of your car whenever it goes beyond recommended limits. It’s a device you can purchase and have it installed today.

How does it function?

New speed governors in Kenya function in a simple way; your vehicle engine rotates and produces centrifugal force. Once this force goes beyond unexpected levels, the speed governor will cut off the supply of fuel to the engine and hence reducing the speed of the engine.

To ensure it performs its task effectively, you need to hire an expert to install it for you. You also need to purchase one that fits your vehicle and is of high quality.

Types of speed governors

There are different types of speed governors

  1. Electronic governors

It functions by use of a magnetic sensor. The sensor monitors the speed of your vehicle’s engine and sends the information to an electronic control module. There is different information that the module collects before it limits the speed of the engine.

It includes engine oil pressure, engine coolant sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel temperature, and turbo-charged boost charger. Once this information combined, the module can know when it’s time to limit the speed of the engine.

  1. Hydraulic governor

It controls the fuel mechanism by use of a pilot valve plunger and uses pressurized oil flow to cut off the supply of fuel to the engine.  

  1. Mechanical centrifugal style

It uses a set of rotating flyweights to work. It’s one of the oldest types of speed governors

  1. Electromechanical sensor

This speed governor uses a magnetic strip pick up the sensor to function. Once the sensor on an engine-driven component detects a high rpm, it cuts off the supply of fuel to the engine and slows down the vehicle.

Where to purchase new speed governor in Kenya

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